We PRICE MATCH guarantee lowest rate for all we do!

The fee covers the setup and hosting of your property on multiple listing platforms, coordinating check-ins, checkouts, cleaning, restocking , maintenance and repair work. Please contact us to find out rate for your specific property! We determine rate based off the quality level of each property!

Sign up now and get services valued at $1300.00 free of charge!



valued at $500

We will create and optimize your listing of an accommodation on over 250+ sites including Airbnb



valued at $300

HOST will provide and review a 150-point recommended inventory list of all necessary and recommended items for your property.



valued at $500

Revenue projections and buying tips. Review & recommend the optimal processes & setup. .

Need help getting setup? We offer the following additional services too!

We will be more than happy to assist you with the following tasks at a fee.

Professional Photography

We will arrange for a professional photographer who specializes in short term rentals to take high quality images of your listing.

Furnishing & Assembly

Unfortunately this service is on hold at this time due to the current supply chain issues. That said, as part of our offering we do provide you guidance on best practices and everything to buy!

How do cleaning fees work?

As an owner you do not have to pay for cleaning fees since we charge these to your guests.

What “other” costs could I expect?

In order to ensure your listing is in tiptop shape at all times, we may incur certain expense on your behalf.
While we are more than happy to coordinate and pay for these expenses, they remain for your account.
Any additional property-related expenses will be invoiced monthly


If you choose for us to coordinate the maintenance.


If you choose to have us coordinate the replacement of any missing or damaged items